Portraits and Headshots

As we all know that the transition to digital media has now become the standard and the company image to look professional is more important than ever before. Especially when thinking about LinkedIn for cooperate environment, today’s talent that will become future stars, Facebook for communication media and more importantly  company website one of the first stopping points for existing and new customers.

Family Portrait and Headshots

Family package in having photographs that capture time for tomorrows memories, photos of different family to pets that will bring smiles to people faces upon the reviewing of the photos

Basic Portrait and Headshots

Basic package for the company website to allow new and existing customer a facial recognition

Executive Portrait and Headshots

Executive package used to present the corporate image for the media and internal new letter or the company magazine and website

Professional Portrait and Headshots

Professional package for people at work who are actively completing a task that can be used for marketing and training material

Entertainment Portrait and Headshots

Entertainment package designed for today’s talent that will become tomorrow stars. These photos are taken to portray the different character and moods for the agencies in representing their clients

Commercial Package

Photographs for commercial use, for advertising, sales pitches, brochures, product placements, detailed product as well as merchandising

Presentation Package

Corporation’s world of presentations to potential, existing and internal company is becoming more and more important in getting the message across. This package is design for photographs to be used for presentation slides

Sport Events Package

Sport events is taking photos of the individual sports or the event that includes the backroom support and behind the scene

Corporation Event

Cooperation events to support the company activities for any event from new product launch, company parties to special company event as in signing a large contract


Travel is a project based on working with the client to present different locations with photographs containing nature, wildlife, architectural, cityscapes, waterscapes and landscapes

Technical and Construction Photography

Technical packages involve working with customers that are either in technology or construction industries that need to have specific photographs for the demanding projects. These photographs can range from site surveys, to line of sight

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